Summer School at Hopecrest

Hopecrest College runs annual summer school in July and August every year. Students are admitted to the College to brush up on their past subjects and do classes to prepare them for the future academic year. It is also a great opportunity for students that are retaking their examinations to prepare for upcoming exams.

Our summer school subjects include:

Secondary School:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Science

Primary School:

  • All primary school subjects including verbal and quantitative reasoning


The school canteen will be opened throughout the summer school period.

Transportation to the College will be arranged for students during the summer school period. Students should pay the summer coaching fees and transport fares on the first day of the summer coaching.

To enroll your child or children for the summer school please call the college office - 08117601673 or 08140235218, You can also call Bukky at 07031999135


Apply Now

Hopecrest College admits students year round. Join us at the beginning of any of our 3 terms. Download admission forms: Admissions or Registration


End of the Academic Year 2016-17 Students’ Party – July 27, 2017

Summer School - August 07, 2017 to September 01, 2017 – Dates - To be Confirmed (TBC)

Open Day 1 2017-18 (1 on 1 Parents – Teachers’ Meet) - Date -To be Announced (TBA)

2017-18 Excursion – Place and Date - TBA

2017-18 Career Guidance Talk - Date - TBA

Open Day 2 2017-18 (1 on 1 Parents – Teachers’ Meet) - Date - TBA

Open Day 3 2017 – 18 (1 on 1 Parents – Teachers’ Meet) – Date - TBA

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